Through my business as an independent designer, I practice eco-friendly techniques and prioritize contributing to philanthropic projects. I love experimenting with different styles, so my collection themes change often, but I have three main goals that stay consistent:

  1. Use ethical practices & consider the environmental impact of every project (see "Reducing Textile Waste" below) 
  2. Use natural or repurposed materials whenever possible & minimize waste
  3. Make sure to contribute to something more important than just making clothes (see TURAAKA project) 

Reducing Textile Waste

Each piece is made using repurposed materials in order to avoid contributing to textile waste. I use lightly worn t-shirts, fabric purchased from secondhand stores, clothing received by donation, leftover promotional tes from events, and other repurposed textiles.

Turaaka by Rose Soma - Production Process

TURAAKA: Serving Rural Uganda Through Kigezi Women & Children Health Initiative 

Teaching women in rural Uganda to sew, weave, and make clothing

Kigezi Women and Children Health Initiative is an amazing organization, serving over a thousand people in three different villages in rural Uganda. Head over to www.kigeziwomen.org to read all about what they're doing. 

My most recent line, TURAAKAm was created in order to help teach the women in these villages how to sew, weave, and make clothing to sell at their local markets, hopefully helping them establish steady sources of income. 10% of every Turaaka purchase is set aside specifically for this purpose, and helps fund sewing and weaving machines, materials, and education (teachers & instruction books). 

Through this collaboration I'm also working on designing clothing patterns & instruction booklets to send over to Uganda this July (2019). I'll hopefully be starting a blog soon to post updates on this project!